Donghua University (DHU) has 3 campus: Yan’an Road Campus, Songjiang Campus, Off-campus Accommodation . The accommodation fee range is from 4550.00 one semester (130 days)/ per person; 20m² to 12350.00 one semester (130 days)/ per person; 20m². You can book different types of rooms in Donghua University online on CUCAS easily.

The University has a downtown campus – Yan’an Rd. campus, and a suburb campus – Songjiang campus. International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) located on Yan’an Rd. Campus, it offers two teaching building and three International Student Apartments buildings (ISAs). International students are access to the other living facilities on the campus. The accommodation's  price is approximately 35-95 RMB/Day. 

Note:Language students can apply single, double or multiple types accommodation rooms.

   Major students can only apply double or multiple accommodation rooms.

  • Book in advance
  • Rent outside campus is allowed
  • 24 hour check-in service
  • Pay by semester with 500 RMB deposit, which will be returned if nothing in the dorm is damaged
  • Moving in before registration is allowed. Students who arrive at working time, should check in first. Those arriving at non working time can live in fist.
  • Pay by cash or bank card. but only cash is available at summer and winter vacation
  • Hotel in campus: YES. Donghua University Hotel

  • For international degree students,accommodation fees nust be paid by one semester( about 130 days) in one lump sum at check-in.

Yan’an Road Campus

ISAs are located on Yan’an Rd. Campus with 3 dormitory buildings, 3 types of rooms and over 1000 beds in total. ISAs' rooms are only available to currently enrolled full-time international students of DHU. New students should make the online application after being admitted; old students should register at ICES within the designated time at the end of the semester.

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Songjiang Campus

ISAs are aslo located on Songjiang Campus.  As for the International Student Apartment (ISAs) in Songjiang Campus,  they are divided into two parts: No.5 Dormitory Building and Teachers’ House. No.5 Dormitory Building is for male international students and Teachers’ House is for female international students.

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Off-campus Accommodation

As for off-campus accommodation, students can choose to rent an apartment outside or live in ‘Roominshanghai’. Renting an apartment outside of the campus is estimated about CNY 3000 to CNY 5000 per month.

International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of Donghua University (DHU) has signed agreement with a real estate company named ‘Roominshanghai’, which can provide off-campus rental services for international students of DHU.

Address: Gold Garden City, 1310 Ding Xi Road, Chang Ning District, Shanghai

The location of the apartment is great since it is close to metro stations and convenience stores. It is 15 minutes walk to Zhongshan Park metro station (line 2, 3 and 4) and 8 minutes to Jiangsu road metro station (line 2 and 11). The apartment is 10 minutes to People’s Square, taking line 2. Convenience stores surrounding the residence include: Carrefour, Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Costa Coffee, bakeries, internet coffee shops, banks and if you’re into Chinese food, there are lots of Chinese restaurants.

How to get to Donghua University (Yan’an Campus)

1. By bike: about 10 minutes

2. By metro: about 25 minutes Take Line 3/4 at Zhongshan Park Station, then get off at West Yan’an Road Station (Exit 2)

3. By bus: about 20 minutes Take No.936/57/127 bus at West Yan’an Road, Ding Xi Road station and get off at West Yan’an Road West Zhong Shan Road station.

Room type: suit room with 3 or 4 separated bedrooms

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